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How I Planned 8 Months of Travel

This post is brought to you by Mark Delaney at The Veteran Professional.  If you’re interested in contributing at, please see our posting guidelines. My commander looked at my packet of paperwork to leave the military and saw that … Continue reading

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Slow Travel Is Wonderful, Yet We Still Had Challenges

I’ve had a bunch of reader requests for our lessons learned from slow travel. I’ll mention parts of our trips during this post, and the “Related articles” section at the bottom will have more information about our destinations. All of … Continue reading

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Yet Another Decade In Review Post

My spouse and I enjoyed a heck of a year. The end of 2019 marks 20 years of our financial independence and over 17 years of my military retirement. I’ve written about military personal finance for over 15 years and … Continue reading

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Should You Attend FinCon, Military Influencer Conference, Camp Mustache, CampFI, and FI Chautauqua?

Your journey to financial independence can be a little lonely if you’re doing it all by yourself. Even social media, podcasts, and videos are poor substitutes for hanging out with people who share your goals. This post will cover different … Continue reading

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Military Space Available Travel: Tips for Flying Space-A The Navy Way

Space A travel is one of our favorite retiree benefits! It’s the military version of ultimate travel hacking. Although most of the system is run by the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, the Navy has a few of its own … Continue reading

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