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The “What’s Up Next?” Podcast: “Looking Out For Mom And Dad”

  A few months ago I joined Doc G and Paul Thompson of the What’s Up Next? podcast for a panel discussion about a family financial problem: How do you look out for your parents when you don’t know anything … Continue reading

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Family Estate Planning For Your Disability

Here’s our capstone post for the year: our family’s estate plan. I’ve spent the last 11 months writing about the ways that our Nords family financial independence is changing. Now we’re reaching far into the future to simplify not just … Continue reading

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“I Inherited Money And Now I Can’t Blog About Financial Independence Anymore”

  I’m finally ready to write about distributing my father’s estate. As many of you may remember, Dad passed away in November 2017 after more than nine years with Alzheimer’s Disease. For over six of those years, Dad was in … Continue reading

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Will Your Retirement Plan Handle Long-Term Care Needs? How Your Genome Impacts Disability, Caregiving, And Estate Planning

Will your retirement plan stand up to long-term care needs? Do you have an estate plan in place? These are topics that few of us want to discuss. However, they are extremely important to your family’s long-term stability. Today, we’ll … Continue reading

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USAA Answers Your Insurance And Financial Questions

This was the best conference yet! For those who are just joining us, last month I polled people’s questions about USAA’s insurance and financial programs. I brought those issues to the Digital Military Experience with USAA’s Communications team, other program … Continue reading

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