Network the book!

“The Military Guide”: all royalties donated to military charities.

I’d appreciate 30 seconds of your social-networking help.

The book written by military for the military, “The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement”, is selling now from Impact Publications’ website and in military exchanges. All royalties are donated to military charities.

The book shows military veterans and their families how to achieve financial independence and enjoy a successful retirement on their terms. It works for everyone: singles, families, 30-year active-duty retirees, National Guard/Reserve, and those who’ve only done one obligation. We’re even printing a pocket guide for transition seminars and veteran’s organizations. 

Most of you will enjoy the book, and a few of you will hate it. But right now most of America’s military (and their families) don’t know anything about it. Publicity is the only way to reach out to that last group, and you guys know many more people than I do. I’d appreciate it if you could:

I’d also appreciate volunteers willing to step up with book donations to libraries on military bases and local communities. I’m taking care of the Hawaii State Public Library system plus the Pearl Harbor & Schofield base libraries.

We’d love to hear more stories from military veterans & family members. Contributors to the second edition will help send more royalties to military charities.

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