Interviews & book reviews


2007 interview by Billy & Akaisha Kaderli on their Retire Early Lifestyle website

2007 interview by Corey Hajim, Fortune Magazine reporter

Quoted by Jane Kim in 2010 Wall Street Journal article book reviews

September 2011 advice & profile in Army Times

March 2012 advice & profile in Military Times

Early buzz on the manuscript:

– “Thanks to the great advice in this book, I am well on my way to being a true Early Retiree! ER inspired me to pursue my graduate degree and commission (from the enlisted ranks) – as well as finishing out an active duty career in the Navy! A “MUST READ” for everyone in uniform, regardless of rank!”
— ENS Jennifer L. Tanforan, SPHR, USN

– ” For the first time, everything a servicemember needs to escape the working world for good! “

– ” Packed with information and advice. Shows servicemembers exactly how to build a solid plan for their financial future.”

“While many servicemembers dream of leaving the working world behind after their military retirement, few build a real plan to accomplish this. In these pages, Doug Nordman has provided everything needed to build that plan for financial independence and more. Readers will see familiar situations and recognize the decisions they are facing on every page. They will appreciate the clear information, planning factors, and checklists they’ll need to make the best decisions regarding saving, investing, and getting the most from their military benefits. We’ve all benefited from the sage advice of others who have faced challenges and pointed out the landmines and showed us the tricks that make the job easier, or at least possible. This guide does the same for all aspects of building and executing a plan that military personnel can use to achieve their goals of financial independence and retirement. A great guide that will change many lives for the better.”
— “SamClem”, retired USAF officer

“There is life outside of a career. We retired young without the military benefits available to you, and have been running around the globe since 1991. If we can do this so can you!
— Billy and Akaisha Kaderli,  authors of “The Adventurer’s Guide to Early Retirement”

“I separated from the USAF after eight years of service and didn’t stumble across the concept of early retirement until I’d been working in the civilian world for a few years. Too bad “The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement” wasn’t available at the time. I can only wonder how much sooner than age 58 I would have been able to retire.”
— REWahoo!, poster at

“Having the opportunity to preview this book over the last few months has really helped me organize my approach to ER while making sure I have covered all my bases. It is great to see “real life” examples on the various paths of how people reached their goals and understanding how my thought process to get here is similar to others. I have no doubt that I am ready to ER and enter the next chapter of my life!”
— Retiring Air Force officer

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