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“I Would Have Started My Reserve Pension By Now!”

I get that pension comment every month from readers who are in their 60s… or even older. Most of them are doing fine, both financially and in life. They usually served some active duty before the Reserves or National Guard, … Continue reading

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Should You Attend FinCon, Military Influencer Conference, Camp Mustache, CampFI, and FI Chautauqua?

Your journey to financial independence can be a little lonely if you’re doing it all by yourself. Even social media, podcasts, and videos are poor substitutes for hanging out with people who share your goals. This post will cover different … Continue reading

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Separating Or Retiring While Overseas (But Not With The Navy!)

A reader writes: I’ve been commissioned from the Navy’s enlisted ranks and have not yet reached eight years of commissioned service. I’m eligible for retirement and I’ve enjoyed active duty– until now. I’d like to retire as an officer but … Continue reading

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How To Turn Your Next PCS Into A 20% Raise

This is a guest post by Justin Taylor, from Saving Sherpa. How to Choose Your Next Duty Station Choosing your next duty station or even creating a list of potential new homes is possibly the most stressful part of being … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Military Retirees Keep Working

A reader posted a forum comment about his co-workers: I’m always intrigued when I hear about recently retired military personnel with pretty good pensions who take new jobs after retiring in their mid to late 40’s. If they want to … Continue reading

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