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Book Review: “Soldier of Finance” By Jeff Rose

I’ve been blogging for “only” three years, and back in 2010, Jeff Rose was already several years into it. Yet even while he was building his blog and his financial-planning business (and raising a family and helping his spouse with … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Military Benefits In A Divorce

[Note: some of the details have been edited to hide the reader’s identity.] A reader writes: “In my divorce decree I was awarded part of my husband’s Reserve “disposable military retirement pay”. My portion is 50% of the time for … Continue reading

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Extreme home improvement: DIY photovoltaic array

[Note:  Hover your cursor over the images for the metatext.] Last week’s post on photovoltaic systems presented the finances without much engineering. We had a guest post this week on more photovoltaic “rent vs own” decisions, but this post will … Continue reading

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