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Should You Start A Civil Service Bridge Career After The Military?

A reader writes: I’ve left active duty, but I feel compelled to get a federal civil service job so that I can apply my active duty time toward a federal pension. Would it be a wiser financial move to get … Continue reading

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When do you stop contributing to tax-deferred accounts?

A reader writes: How do you know when you have enough assets in retirement accounts so that you can stop contributing and put your money in taxable accounts? We could probably stop now but it’s a hard habit to break. … Continue reading

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Navy: women are joining the crews of VIRGINIA-class attack submarines

Let me start this post with a couple of our household’s famous naval sayings: “You are such a freakin’ nuke.” — My spouse, USNA ’83, to me, USNA ’82, many times over the last 30 years. “You hear her? Someday … Continue reading

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Book Review – To Forgive Design: Understanding Failure

Good nature and good sense must ever join; To err is human, to forgive, divine. — Alexander Pope, “An Essay on Criticism” WARNING: Engineering geek alert. Bear with me here, and I’ll eventually get around to personal finance. If you’d … Continue reading

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