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Geriatric Financial Management Update

Along with FINCON12 I’ve visited my Dad and worked on his finances.  I’ll talk about how he’s doing now and then I’ll review the latest financial lessons. Alzheimer’s is relentless. Dad’s mid-stage symptoms are worse and his brain is losing … Continue reading

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Frugality After Financial Independence – Saving Money on Shaving, and Other Thoughts

I’d like to credit Mike over at Live The New Economy with inspiring me to write today’s post. When you’re done here, go visit his site and check his progress on achieving his goals. I may be an older dog, … Continue reading

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Lifestyles in Hawaii: “Naked on the beach”

(Sorry about that cheesy title. As a writer, I couldn’t resist the double entendre. As a blogger, I couldn’t resist the SEO. I assure you that the spammers will punish me for my transgressions…) Hey, it’s Labor Day, and you’re … Continue reading

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