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Good reasons NOT to live in Hawaii

A reader writes: I’ve read many of your posts and links about military retirement in Hawaii. It’s not something we had considered previously, but it sounds pretty good. Apart from the high cost of real estate, what are the pitfalls? … Continue reading

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This is why we blog: another “net disability exclusion” story

    A reader writes: Sir,  your post on “IRS Denies Military Retirement Net Disability Exclusion” could not have been more timely. I am a retired warrant officer working for the military, and recently there was an ad in the … Continue reading

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Book review: “Abundance”

      Did you ever read a book that makes you feel as if your head’s going to explode from all the new concepts? I don’t mean the U.S. Navy’s S5W Reactor Plant Manual, but Joe Dominguez’ “Your Money … Continue reading

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IRS Denies Military Retirement “Net Disability Exclusion”

One of the book’s contributors alerted me to this problem. Some military retirees (or their tax preparers) are incorrectly applying the net disability exclusion to their pensions. This error has floated around the Internet since at least 1999 and it’s … Continue reading

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