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Tailor Your Investments to Your Military Pay and Your Pension

Moshe Milevsky’s book “Are You a Stock or a Bond?” suggests that military on active duty can invest much more aggressively than many civilians. Milevsky’s concept of “human capital” grew out of his studies of investment and retirement plans. He … Continue reading

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Simple Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

Short post today, folks. It’s a straightforward topic and you’re probably busy getting ready for the holidays! Before we start, here’s another reminder about getting on the road to financial independence:  are you tracking your spending yet? If you’ve been … Continue reading

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Frugal Living is Not Deprivation – How Living on Less Can Result in a Richer Life

The military teaches everyone how to live an extraordinarily frugal lifestyle. No matter what reputation your service has, at some point you’ve lived in a very small room with a narrow bed and little storage. Maybe you did without a … Continue reading

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Retiring without a Military Pension – How to Create Your Own Retirement Plan

By now you’ve noticed a trend in the chapters from the “simplest” type of military early retirement (staying on active duty for at least 20 years) to the most difficult (separating as soon as your obligation ends). Financially, the best … Continue reading

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Retiring on Multiple Streams of Income

This topic isn’t tied to “The Military Guide” chapter on the Reserve/National Guard, but those military retirees frequently confront a retirement consisting of multiple sources of income. Veterans who retire from active duty will go straight to a pension, but … Continue reading

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