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Writing and Publishing – A Behind the Scenes Look at The Military Guide

I seem to spend a lot of time on the finances & lifestyle issues of military retirement and early retirement. Let me shift gears for a bit and talk about the book’s creation. Over our years of service we veterans … Continue reading

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Financial Myths of Retirement

Listen to the early-retirement trailblazers: by far the most common comment of the new posters on and other Internet retirement discussion boards is “I wish I’d started saving and planning sooner!” That’s not much consolation if you’re reading this … Continue reading

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When Should You Stop Working? – Determining the Best Time to Retire

What’s your future? After active duty will you retire from the military to a “bridge career”, will you semi-retire to work part-time, or will you retire early and never earn a paycheck again? These questions are tough retirement issues. Like … Continue reading

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The Biggest Benefits of a Military Retirement

All retirees have to accumulate the resources to last for the rest of their lives, but early retirees (before age 65) have two daunting challenges: paying for healthcare and contending with decades of inflation. Health insurance is largely a workplace … Continue reading

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