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The Pitfalls of Your Parents’ Finances

Have you had the financial independence talk with your parents? (No, I don’t mean the one about college costs and student loans, or the one about helping out with your down payment on your first house.) I’m talking about the … Continue reading

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How To Get Kicked Out Of Tricare

I’ve carried a military ID card since 1978. I’m financially independent. You would expect that I’d understand my benefits by now, but a few months ago I was nearly dis-enrolled from Tricare for not paying my premiums. To make matters … Continue reading

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Lifestyles in Retirement: Hawaii Vacation

The Mainland weather is getting warmer and most of you seem to be thawing out. I wouldn’t torture you with this post in January, but now that spring has sprung it seems to be a good time to answer the … Continue reading

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