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Financial Independence and The Cost of Raising a Family

A few weeks ago, Darrow Kirkpatrick blogged about the cost of raising a family while you’re saving for financial independence. Before I read his post, I had just finished emptying our 529 account with the final payment for our daughter’s college … Continue reading

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How Should I Invest During Retirement?

A reader writes: “I would like your opinion on an investment strategy. I’m sure you cringe at anyone who asks for investment advice, however, this question is very big picture. I have five years before I retire and I am … Continue reading

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How Do You Justify Your Spending?

Ohana Nords just finished a three-week family vacation in Bangkok. As spending goes, it was the most frivolous blowout we’ve enjoyed in decades. When we roamed the city we saw vignettes of incredible luxury, scrappy entrepreneurialism, and abject poverty. It … Continue reading

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Medical Tourism at Bangkok’s Bumrungrad Hospital

The two biggest obstacles to financial independence are inflation and healthcare — yet military veterans and retirees seem to have more options for dealing with inflation. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act gives the American medical system a strong … Continue reading

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