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Book review: “Pocket Your Dollars”

Saving & investing is supposed to be simple math. We’ve all read the advice: “Spend less than you earn.” “Track your spending.” “Make a budget.” “Save at least 15% of your income.” “Learn your investing risk tolerance.” “Figure out your … Continue reading

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Reader questions on Reserve retirement Tricare and points

I see that Reserve retirement is a popular search term on the blog again, even more popular than financial independence or military retirement. Here are the recent top three searches: Navy Reserve retirement calculator Air Force Reserve retirement calculator Navy … Continue reading

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Guest Post Wednesday: Homeless Veterans

In case you’ve been underway on a submarine missed the news, last month a NYC police officer was photographed in the act of giving a pair of boots to a barefoot homeless man. Unfortunately, the followup reporting claims that Jeffrey … Continue reading

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Interview: What’s Wrong With Long-term Care Insurance?

[Long post today: nearly 3000 words. Take the weekend to read it, and spend some time digging into the links. This analysis may not save your life, but it can certainly save your finances.] A few weeks ago I received … Continue reading

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