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Forensic Geriatric Finances

Today’s post revisits the subject of caring for the financial independence of your loved ones. There’s nothing here about military retirement, but I’m very glad that our aggressive savings and low-cost lifestyle have enabled us to retire from military service … Continue reading

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Book review: “All The Money In The World”

    Are you tired of grubbing for money? The financial media is gloomier than ever about the prospects of saving enough for retirement. Every day we’re admonished that we’re not saving enough, that we’ll need millions of dollars, that … Continue reading

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Lifestyles in early retirement: Hawaii long-term travel

    Last week’s post on long-term retirement travel talked about different air & lodging resources for seeing the world. I’ve also added several military websites to the sidebar “Travel links” section. Like blogger Jan suggested a couple of weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Lifestyles in early retirement: long-term travel

    Veteran blogger Janette from “Ground Level in Kansas” offered her feedback on the “WordAds” post about types of ads that readers want from this site: I come here not only for me (spouse of retired Army), but for … Continue reading

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