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Lifestyles in Early Retirement: Habits and getting things done

Charles Duhigg’s new book, “The Power of Habit”, already has 120 people on the waiting list at the Hawaii State Library system. (That means it’s popular!) As part of his book marketing, last week he put up a guest post … Continue reading

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Book review: “Why We Buy”

      I came across this classic while reading about frugal lifestyles and debt payoff. The author talks about retail stores and merchandising and marketing, but he unintentionally offers another benefit. If you understand how the stores are marketing … Continue reading

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Buying a used car on a cash advance in a new town

It seemed like such a simple question: “How do I get a cashier’s check in a city where I don’t have a bank account?” Our daughter’s car shopping coincided with a family wedding invitation in Texas near her college. My … Continue reading

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Book report: “The 36-Hour Day”

Thank goodness this isn’t a book about the military. I’d sure hate to write that mission description! For those who are reading this topic for the first time here, my father is in a care facility with mid-stage Alzheimer’s. He … Continue reading

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