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Geriatric financial management update

Dad’s doing fine in the care facility. He’s happy and he’s safe. His Alzheimer’s symptoms have stabilized with their care. He’s coping with his myeloma symptoms and waiting for chemotherapy to start. He’s sleeping more than he should (Vicodin for … Continue reading

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Do you really need $2M to retire?!?

    (Today’s post was suggested by my daughter, who keeps an eye on Gen Y financial issues…) Shortly after Hallowe’en, MSN put up a scary article about Generation Y needing to save (spoken, of course, in a creepy Dr. … Continue reading

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Geriatric financial management

Many of us Boomers are caring for aging parents, but nobody seems to talk about it. Maybe we don’t like to contemplate the foreshadowing of our own mortality, or maybe society deems it to be selfish complaining. Yet if the … Continue reading

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Book review: 1001 Things to Love About Military Life

Yeah, I know, you’re skeptical, especially if you’re on active duty.  1001 things?!?  I’ll bet you can’t even come up with 10. Luckily this isn’t a retention pitch– it’s a book title. Tara Crooks (co-founder of and producer of … Continue reading

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