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Charitable Gift Funds – How to Set Up An Account to Donate to Your Favorite Cause

Several readers have asked about this donation system.  I’m not an expert, but let me tell you what I know and you can share what you know. Like most people, my spouse and I started our philanthropy by donating to … Continue reading

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Trends in retirement

  After you’ve been in the military for 8-10 years, you notice the pendulum swings. At first they can turn you into a bitter, hardened cynic, but after two or three limit-cycles you realize that the pendulum’s problem is slowly … Continue reading

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Lifestyles in military retirement: Napili Bay

Here in Hawaii, we occasionally see frenzied vacation behavior from Mainland visitors who only have a week or two. They’ll race around to “do” everything on Oahu in a few days, and then charge on to a neighbor island to … Continue reading

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Getting Rich In The Submarine Force

(Disclosure: After “seeing the real Navy” during this summer’s NROTC training, our progeny announced a desire to join the submarine force.  She’s smart, she’s persistent, and she’ll be good at it.  She’s a contender for “command at sea”.  I’m happy … Continue reading

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“What, me worry?”

(I know, I know, that title reference may be a bit historical for some of you. Here’s the link. ) WordPress, this blog’s host, has been running a “PostADay2011” promotion with daily thought-provoking inspirational questions. The kickstarter for Tuesday 28 … Continue reading

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