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Lifestyles in military retirement: Haleakala Crater redux

Last week we hiked Maui’s Haleakala Crater again.  This post stands on its own, but you’ll appreciate the background if you first read the post about our introduction to this beautiful yet harsh environment. Four days, three nights, 20 miles … Continue reading

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Retiring Early — with Kids?

Let me start by saying that kids are totally worth it. (There, now my daughter can relax.) If you’re the kind of person who wants to have kids someday, then feel free to start a family when you’re able to … Continue reading

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Building the Ultimate Investment Portfolio

I’ve been reading financial discussion boards for over a decade, and they tend to converge on a few perpetual topics. One of them is “How’s my portfolio?”  Here’s a typical example: “Hi guys glad I found this board great to … Continue reading

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Lifestyles in military retirement: Haleakala Crater

My friend Jay asked me to post this before we go to Maui.  He either wants to check our morale or get our final thoughts on record… A year ago we got a call from a good friend. He grew … Continue reading

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Getting “the job call”

“The Military Guide” blog has reached 100 posts!  Thanks to everyone who’s read and commented over the last eight months.  I think my military skills & discipline will keep this going for another year or five, so tell your friends! … Continue reading

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