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Lifestyles in Military Retirement: Learning to Surf in Hawaii

Here’s an amazing statistic: I’ve blogged for over six months on just about every aspect of military financial independence and early retirement. In nearly 80 posts, what’s been the most popular topic for over a week?:  Surfing. Are you people … Continue reading

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Asset Allocation Considerations for a Military Pension

Here’s my in-depth answer with the nitty-gritty details of the following question: If you’re receiving a military pension, then how should you invest the rest of your portfolio? Frankly, to the majority of you readers, this will be a boring … Continue reading

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Military Pension Inflation Protection – How and Inflation Indexed Pension Keeps Up with Cost of Living

Let’s consider some of the details behind a military pension and its COLA. First, just like active duty pay or drill pay, the pension is paid in arrears. In this case it doesn’t show up until the first of the … Continue reading

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Living with Inflation – How to Handle Inflation in Your Investment Portfolio

The last post described the long-term effects of inflation and explained how a COLA pension (plus a portfolio of equities) can stay ahead. One of the issues with the COLA system is its reference: the Consumer Price Index, or CPI. … Continue reading

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