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Construction Tour of the New USS ARIZONA Memorial Museums

So what do you do all day in early retirement? For starters, you can volunteer at the brand-new USS ARIZONA Memorial Visitor’s Center. Spouse wangled a hardhat tour of the museums as they get ready for their 7 December opening … Continue reading

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The command’s farewell and saying “See you later” to everyone else

Let’s wrap up the “Six months before retirement” series of posts with a few odds & ends on how to spend your last days around the office. Various groups at your command will want to say their goodbyes separately from … Continue reading

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Exit Interviews, Last-Minute Questions, and the Retirement Ceremony

You’ve been waiting years for this exit interview!  It’s finally time to tell your chain of command exactly what you think of them!!  All of your weapons are ready to fire, the missiles are ready for launch, and you have … Continue reading

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Medical and dental exams

Next time you’re chatting with a bunch of veterans, ask them how their discharge physicals went– and listen to their groans of pain. But seriously, take a few minutes to ask these people what they wish they’d done differently during … Continue reading

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Military Retirement and Discharge Paperwork

It shouldn’t be so complicated in a paperless electronic military, but after you leave you’re going to need a number of different pieces of paper for your own personal records. You’ll have to keep track of some of them for … Continue reading

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